Miracle Oil and your little ones


It's that time again. While you may be looking forward to the start of another school year, you probably aren't thinking about the colds, sniffles and flu just lurking around desktops, bathrooms or lunch tables. They're there!

Having a child home from school with illness is not only difficult for them but also for you. Have faith! There are things you can do to help fend off the micro intruders and keep your whole family healthier this year.

Let's start with the most potent natural germ killer available, Miracle Oil. An undiluted blend of 6 therapeutic grade essential oils to help kill germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses, it's a must have for your medicine cabinet.

  • Cinnamon bark is a warming immune system stimulant, rich in smell and power. Viruses and bacteria can't survive in the system that is regularly treated with this oil and it is a proven purifier. It reinforces the power of all oils added with it!
  • Lemon is healing and purifying, excellent for respiratory issues making it invaluable with colds and sniffles. It's invigorating scent is uplifting and eases the duress of illness.
  • Eucalyptus helps kill virus, especially with the respiratory system. Highly antiseptic, it works for bronchitis, fever and sore throats especially, promoting a healthier environment when diffused.
  • Who doesn't recognize the distinct smell of Clove Bud and welcome the memories of baking and holidays it brings? It's so much more than that! Stimulating the immune system, it begins to heal with it's powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Again, a mighty help with the respiratory system.
  • Oregano also carries that distinct scent we may know from our kitchens. Antiseptic to the respiratory system, it may help with colds, bronchitis and congestion. A proven immune stimulant, it also combats yeast and candida.
  • Lastly, Rosemary helps improve circulation, something that our bodies need when healing is required. It is also anti-infectious and energizing.

These oils combined offer powerful protection for you and your family to heal or maintain good health.

There is a myriad of ways to use Miracle Oil and here are a few ideas to start with.

  1. Just a drop on the bottoms of feet (diluted to start) is absorbed into your system (and helps your feet smell fabulous).
  2. Diffused in your home or in a classroom, the oils are dispersed into the air killing airborne germs and virus. Studies prove over and over the effectiveness of diffusing against airborne microbes (the things that make you sick.)  :)
  3. Added to hand sanitizer (recipe to follow), whenever your child cleans their hands, they add the protection they need for all the things they handle during the day.
  4. A little goes a long way on wipes (recipe also below) so surfaces can be disinfected with just a swipe.
  5. Two drops on a tea bag gives you a hot, tasty cup of tea when the weather turns colder.
  6. Diluted (1 teaspoon with 15 drops may be a good start for children) and massaged under the arms (pituitary area) or the throat for pain and soreness (cover if possible before bed) or on the chest for congestion (and covered) are great ways to comfort a sick child before bed. 
  7. Add to water, as strong as you like, and spray over bedding or toys that may come in contact with your little ones. Also a potent air freshener.
  8. If your family can gargle (it might be a little intense) it will help ease the soreness in throats and begin healing. Remember, a drop goes a long way.

Use your imagination to find ways to use this wonderful oil all around your home. You don't have to wait for illness to see it's benefits.

Now, here's something easy to start with. Go to the Dollar Store and get the cutest hand sanitizer container you can find. Empty the harmful, alcohol rich contents down the drain, where they belong. Not on our hands! If you're interested in a little extra reading to convince you, start here........

Next, after that article has made you sorry you ever bought it for your little darlings (besides the many cases of alcohol poisoning from it) gather a few ingredients and impress your family with a homemade, healthy alternative.

Miraculous Hand Cleaner (and disinfecter and germ killer and hand softener)

3 ounces aloe vera gel juice (available at Walmart Pharmacy by the gallon jug, inexpensive, non drying)

2 Tablespoons vitamin E (optional, helps soften and soothe skin)

1 1/2 cups witch hazel (pharmacy again, helps it dry quickly on skin)

4 Tablespoons Miracle Oil

Mix together and keep refrigerated for long life. Refill that cute bottle and send it off to school with confidence. 

Encourage your children to just take a quick wipe over their desks or lunch tables as often as they can with this homemade recipe. Take a package of Dollar Store wipes and a nice hard container they'll fit into. Run the whole wad of them under warm water and squeeze out the solution gently several times. Put them in the hard container and use the mixture for hand sanitizing diluted with a few Tablespoons of distilled or purified water. Pour over the wipes and let them sit to absorb and voila! Two healthier things for your little people to use.

I know you're wondering where you can find this miraculous Miracle Oil. I just happen to know....

On SALE til the end of the month, you save over 25% and have plenty to experiment with. Stock up for the cold and flu season now, be ready for anything! (Except zombies, although I doubt they would like to have it sprayed on them.) 

We'd all love to hear any other uses you have, please share! And don't forget to stop in often for new uses and ideas for Gilley's products, along with helpful recipes and ideas. Happy schooling!




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