Air Alive Makes Air Liveable

Jill Gilley

The season is upon us. We know, either in our families or friends that respiratory issues, flu and colds are wreaking havoc on us. Gilley's Air Alive may be able to help, naturally.

The ingredients in our spray are unsurpassed for helping clear the air, not just cover up. Smells are GONE! Let's start with Eucalyptus.

How do you like this for a mouthful---(quoting verbatim from a published BMC Immunology study) "Eucalyptus oil extract is said to implement the innate cell-mediated immune response." This means it stimulates your immune systems response.  :) You can see how effective it could be in a mixture against any illness.

Grapefruit, with it's cheering, clean scent also supports your immune system and in studies has been found to be effective against certain strains of pneumonia, shingles, salmonella and fungus. Considered anti microbial, it helps fight bacteria so often preceding illness.

Sunny Lemon is a powerful ally in our blend against germs and virus. Respiratory infections like coughs, bronchitis and sore throats can be eased with the high vitamin c content and antioxidant properties. It also helps support the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells.


Lime, with it's distinct scent helps relieve congestion from respiratory illness and colds. Effective against viral infections, it may help combat bronchitis too.

Sweet Orange is the last of the citrus oils. Although it also is a great disinfectant, one of it's greatest values is through the emotions. Cheerful, helping alleviate low feelings during sickness, clearing out the congestion and discouragement!


Air Alive is one of those products every school could use. One spray as children come in the room, one spray over the desk of a "runny" child when they leave the room, one spray as they run in from recess. Germs are killed, hope is restored and it's helped strengthen the immunity of all those little ones. Drivers in our area carry it on their buses and spray before the children get on in the mornings, adding that little bit of protection.

Once used in a local nursing facility, housekeeping sprayed the room with one or two sprays and often commented on the way it seemed to affect the residents-----they were invigorated! It also completely removed the smell of urine from the air.

One last fish story. A local woman couldn't get in her car because the kids had left some recently caught fish in a bag in the trunk. Oh dear. She sprayed three or four different times and the smell was gone.

EXCELLENT in saunas! Drip a little onto a sponge, hang it in the shower and enjoy the way it clears your head first thing in the morning. Add a teaspoon or so into a gallon of hot water when you mop or clean---it boosts the cleaning power and helps cheer up those chores.

You can see the benefits of Air Alive with killing germs, boosting immunity and cheering your heart. This blend does it all.    :)

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