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Miracle Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

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Miracle Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

When you need a little spray to help in your efforts to kill germs and nasties, our anti-bacterial hand sanitizer leads the way. Made with plant-based ethanol, specially denatured with a mild lavender scent from lavender leaf, it's the best natural spray to use regularly. The 70% alcohol base is strengthened even more with the added natural ingredients from Miracle Oil .... Oregano (anti fungal/mold), Cinnamon bark (anti bacterial, anti mold), Clove bud (anti microbial), Rosemary (fights infection), Eucalyptus (stimulant), & Lemon (anti bacterial, cleansing). A double whammo! Comes in a fine mist spray for ease, especially with children and on the go.

1 oz plastic spray bottle

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