Miracle Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Wash

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Miracle Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Wash

Using a base of Dr. Bronners Eucalyptus soap, we've added the germ killing power of Miracle Oil, a natural alternative blend of essential oils for Germ killing, that is also anti bacterial, anti fungal & anti septic. Use to kill all the nasty things in your home. Oregano (anti fungal/mold), Cinnamon bark (anti bacterial, anti mold), Clove bud (anti microbial), Rosemary (fights infection), Eucalyptus (stimulant), & Lemon (anti bacterial, cleansing)
for a powerful gentle cleaning and disinfecting. Similar to the age old 4 Thieves Blend! Wash for 20 seconds or more and enjoy the lather and scent of natural cleaning!

 2 ounce foaming bottle

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