Rosehip Oil

$ 11.95

Glorious, healing Rosehip oil! This rich, rejuvenating carrier oil is so excellent in all sorts of ways. Extremely high in essential fatty acids, beta carotene (a form of vitamin A), vitamin C and E, it stimulates collagen production for anti-aging benefits. Trans-dermal, it goes beneath the first layer of skin to penetrate deeply for cellular membrane and tissue regeneration, reducing dark spots, scars, fine lines and acne scarring. 

Keeping skin hydrated is essential for improving skin tone and texture, so important for aging or damaged skin. It may help with scarring and stretch marks. Considered a "drying oil", it's absorbed quickly and doesn't leave an oily feel. Use just drops for silky, glowing skin! It may aggravate acne so use with some caution.

1 ounce amber bottle with dropper