Wild Carrot Carrier Oil

$ 8.95

Eh, what's up doc? Great help for skin, that's what! Made by infusing wild carrot (Daucus Carota) in gentle canola oil, adding vitamin E just makes it better and better.

Rich in beta carotene and vitamin A, carrot oil helps relieve itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis. One of it's most documented properties is for cellular regeneration! That's why it may be helpful with post surgical wound healing and scarring.

Aging, dry skin benefits with regular application and it even helps "aging neck". Mild enough to go straight on skin it can also be added to lotions, creams and butters for even more effectiveness and is helpful applied to the ends of hair for extra moisture. An excellent skin tonic that goes a long way!

1 ounce amber bottle with dropper